Storytelling and Gender

Event Date May 15, 2009 – May 16, 2009

Location – the Zen room and Theatre at the ATriuM

Keynote: Prof Marina Warner, provocations Dr Peter Hughes Jachimiak, Zephyrine Barbarachild and Mary Medlicott.

Marina Warner delivered our 2009 Annual Lecture as part of the Symposium ‘Storytelling and Gender’

Marina Warner is a prize-winning writer of fiction, criticism and history; her works include novels and short stories as well as studies of female myths and symbols. Her books include Indigo, The Lost Father, Monuments and Maidens and From the Beast to the Blonde. In 1994 she gave the Reith Lectures on BBC radio Managing Monstors: Six Myths of Our Time. She is currently Professor in the Department of Literature, Film and Theatre Studies, University of Essex where she teaches courses on Fairy-Tales and other forms of narrative.

Provocations were given by Zephyrine Barbarachild, Peter Hughes Jachimiak and Mary Medlicott.