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Storytellers in conversation 2020

Presented by the George Ewart Evan Centre for Storytelling, in partnership with Beyond the Border Storytelling Festival.

Storytellers in conversation 2018

Presented by the George Ewart Evan Centre for Storytelling, in partnership with Beyond the Border Storytelling Festival.

  • Storyworks, Mary Medlicott 
  • A Thousand Doorways, by Diane Edgecomb 
  • THE MARDLING ACRE, by Hugh Lupton

11 October 2017, ATRiuM – CA B218, 5pm

Storytelling in Performance: Robin Williamson – Drawing Newly on the Bardic Heritage of Scotland and Ireland

21 October 2017, ATRiuM – CA B403, 2:30pm
Remembering “The Bards of Wales”.

15 November 2017, ATRiuM – CA B418, 4:30pm
Anne Purbrick – Telling the Tale of Jaufre

22 November 2017, ATRiuM – CA B205, 5pm
Fiona Collins – Petals and Claws

23 November 2017, ATRiuM, 6:30pm
Clod Ensemble: The Art of Living

6 December 2017, ATRiuM – CA B218, 5pm
Storytelling in Performance: Daniel Morden – The Empty Hand

31 January 2018, ATRiuM – CA B218, 5pm
Storytelling in Performance: Tamar Eluned Willams

21-22 April 2018, ATRiuM, 10am
Workshop for women storytellers with Sally Pomme Clayton in partnership with ‘Chwedl’.

8 February 2017, ATRiuM – CA B403, 3.30pm
Dr David Llewellyn – Stories of Change

22 February 2017, ATRiuM – CA B403, 3pm
Dr Robert Smith and Dr Adeyola Dewis – Carnival Narratives

8 March 2017, ATRiuM – CA B403, 4pm
Dr Ceri Price – Forgotten mobilities

George Ewart Evans Centre for Storytelling at Beyond the Border

Sunday 3rd July 2016, St Donat’s Arts Centre

Roger Hill – Gender and Myth

25 November 2015, ATRIUM – Theatre, 5pm

Sally Pomme Clayton – The White Bear King

Post-show discussion: Sally Pomme Clayton and Michael Carklin

3 February 2016, ATRIUM – Theatre, 5pm

Dominic Kelly – The Hero Light

Post-show discussion: Dominic Kelly and Dr Alice Entwistle

24 February 2016, ATRIUM – Cinema, 3.30pm

Prof. Florence Ayisi – Muslim Women, Soccer and Identity: Visualising Resistance to Cultural Norms in Zanzibar.

9 March 2016, Atlantic House – CA AH006, 4pm

Dr David Llewellyn – Stories of Change: Exploring energy and community in the past, present and future.

13 April 2016, ATRIUM – Theatre, 5pm

Simon Heywood and Shonaleigh – Out of Silence

Post-show discussion: Simon Heywood, Shonaleigh and Prof. Richard Hand.

29 October 2014, ATRIUM – Zen Room, 7pm

Mary Medlicott – Shemi Wâd

11 February 2015, ATRIUM – Zen Room, 5pm

Rhiannon Williams – Cwlwm Cenedl; straeon i uno Pontiets a’r Paith / The nations’ knot; stories to unite Pontiets and the Prairie

Chair: Dr Ruth McElroy

4 March 2015, ATRIUM – Zen Room, 5pm

Michael Harvey – Peredur Rides Again – staging Peredur/Perceval

Chair: Karen Lewis

25 March 2015 – Zen Room, 5pm 

Dr Emily Zobel Marshall – A Question of Origins? Brer Rabbit at the Cultural Crossroads

Chair: Prof Hamish Fyfe


Prof Jack Zipes – A Second Glance at Red Riding Hood’s Trials and Tribulations

Dr Nicole Matthews – Moving stories: digital storytelling and fictional drama in dementia awareness training


Dr Simon Heywood (University of Derby) The Last Drut’syla? A traditional Jewish storyteller in postwar Europe

The Well at the World’s End

AHRC Connected Communities Festival

  • Dr Nick Owen, MBE – Twittering for the chattering classes: trying to make performative sense from 140 characters of nonsense?
  • Anthony Nanson – The Well of the Saint and the Well of the Snake: Ecological Enchantment of a Local Landscape
  • Prof Hamish Fyfe – Telling Truths, Changing Minds
  • Symposium on Training Artists


Wales Culture Exchange Network

Prof Harold Thimbleby – Using Digital Stories in Research and Teaching

Tewkesbury Flood Stories


Prof Frances Rapport – Poetics of Memory: Understanding and Expressing Survivor Testimonial

Prof Patrick Ryan and Dr Jacqui Harrett – Creating Words: Creating Wellbeing

Dr Patrick Ryan – Life Giving Water From The Well Of The World’s End To The Ocean Of The Streams Of Story

George Ewart Evans Centre for Storytelling and Marylebone Cricket Club – Taking the Field


Emily Underwood-Lee – Patience

Wales Culture Exchange

Prof Do Coyle – Sustaining and Developing Island Communities: Extreme Measures for Extreme Communities


Michael Harvey – Staging the Story

Dr Frances Rapport – The Doctor’s Tale: Enacted Workspace and the Family Practitioner

Prue Waller – Ropemakers

Tom Pow – Where a Bird Sounds Like a Baby Crying – Among the Dying Villages of Europe

Prof Paul Watson – Social Inclusion Through the Digital Economy

Dr Danièle Klapproth – Telling Stories, Sharing Worlds? – Potential and Limitations of Narrative in Cross-Cultural Dialogue

Philip Gross, Hamish Fyfe, Dannie Abse, Sacha Abercorn – Creative Reading


Storytelling, Health and Social Care Conference

Dr Geoff Fox – 'There’s Game in the Wind!’ Tracking Red Riding Hood with the Old Watercress Woman and the Green Hunter

Prof Mike Pearson – Narrative and Landscape

Dr Patrick Ryan – Narrative Learning/Learning Narrative: Storytelling, Experiential Learning and Education

George Ewart Evans Centre for Storytelling and Glamorgan Cricket Club – Tale-Enders

Dr Jacqueline Harrett – Telling Tales and Written Words: the same or different?

Dr Patrick Ryan – Storytelling, Learning and Education


Jack Lynch – Shortening the Road

George Ewart Evans Centenary

Prof Joseph Sobol – The ETSU Cancer Stories Project

Dr Hande Birkalan Gedik – Silence, Suffering and Salvation: Intertextual Discourses and the Female Narrativity in A Turkish Folktale

Melvyn Bragg and Mathew Evans at the Hay Festival

Cardiff City FC Kick Into Reading Screening


George Ewart Evans Centre for Storytelling Research Seminars 2007 – Unheard Voices

Prof Hamish Fyfe Inaugural Professorial Lecture

Prof Mike Wilson – Passing Through the Chink In Snout’s Wall: Daniel Morden and The Devil’s Violin

Dr Pat Ryan – Storytelling at the Farmleigh Festival, Dublin

Prof Mike Wilson- keynote Lecture at Beyond the Border 2007


George Ewart Evans Centre for Storytelling Research Lectures 2006


Launch of George Ewart Evans Centre for Storytelling