Myfyrwyr ymchwil ôl-raddedig

Caroline Andrews: Our Social Networks: Exploring the benefits of storytelling in building agency, identity and wellbeing with people with learning disabilities(MA Res). Cyfarwyddwr yr Astudiaethau: Dr Emily Underwood-Lee. Goruchwylwyr: Yr Athro Ruth Northway, Dr Steven Walden. 2022 - 2023.

Hilary Dyer: Exploring the Impact of Digital Storytelling for Health (MA Res). Cyfarwyddwr yr Astudiaethau: Dr Emily Underwood-Lee. Goruchwylwyr: Dr Anne Fothergill. 2022 - 2023.

Emma FoleyThe efficacy of therapeutic storytelling in breaking down barriers: A qualitative study into the experiences of parent carers of children with learning disabilities attending mainstream education (MA Res). Cyfarwyddwr yr Astudiaethau: Dr Jodie Allinson. Goruchwylwyr: Dr Emily Underwood-Lee, Dr Michael Carklin. 2022 - 2023.

Selina Lobina: Capturing understandings of and responses to loneliness: a mixed method study with a focus on those from 'seldom heard' minority population groups aged 70 years and over (PhD). Cyfarwyddwr yr Astudiaethau: Dr Roiyah Saltus. Goruchwylwyr: Dr Emily Underwood-Lee, Dr Paul Jarvis. 2019 - 2024.

Elizabeth Weir: Sharing Stories for a Better Future: Five decades of building community through storytelling in Northern Ireland (PhD), Cyfarwyddwr yr Astudiaethau: Yr Athro Paul Carr. Goruchwylwyr: Yr Athro Joseph Sobol, Dr Emily Underwood-Lee. 2021 - 2026.