Cliciwch ar y cysylltiadau yn y bar llywio i gael mwy o wybodaeth, gan gynnwys recordiadau a delweddau (lle maent ar gael).

Cyfres Storïwyr yn Sgwrsio 2020

Cyflwynir gan Ganolfan Adrodd Storïau George Ewart Evans. Cyd-noddir gan Ŵyl Adrodd Storïau Beyond the Border.

Storïwyr mewn Trafodaeth 2018

Cyflwynir gan Ganolfan Adrodd Storïau George Ewart Evans, mewn partneriaeth â Gwyl Adrodd Storïau Beyond the Border.

  • Storyworks, Mary Medlicott 
  • A Thousand Doorways, by Diane Edgecomb 
  • THE MARDLING ACRE, by Hugh Lupton

11 October 2017, ATRiuM – CA B218, 5pm

Storytelling in Performance: Robin Williamson – Drawing Newly on the Bardic Heritage of Scotland and Ireland

21 October 2017, ATRiuM – CA B403, 2:30pm
Remembering “The Bards of Wales”.

15 November 2017, ATRiuM – CA B418, 4:30pm
Anne Purbrick – Telling the Tale of Jaufre

22 November 2017, ATRiuM – CA B205, 5pm
Fiona Collins – Petals and Claws

23 November 2017, ATRiuM, 6:30pm
Clod Ensemble: The Art of Living

6 December 2017, ATRiuM – CA B218, 5pm
Storytelling in Performance: Daniel Morden – The Empty Hand

31 January 2018, ATRiuM – CA B218, 5pm
Storytelling in Performance: Tamar Eluned Willams

21-22 April 2018, ATRiuM, 10am
Workshop for women storytellers with Sally Pomme Clayton in partnership with ‘Chwedl’.

8 February 2017, ATRiuM – CA B403, 3.30pm
Dr David Llewellyn – Stories of Change

22 February 2017, ATRiuM – CA B403, 3pm
Dr Robert Smith and Dr Adeyola Dewis – Carnival Narratives

8 March 2017, ATRiuM – CA B403, 4pm
Dr Ceri Price – Forgotten mobilities

George Ewart Evans Centre for Storytelling at Beyond the Border

Sunday 3rd July 2016, St Donat’s Arts Centre

Roger Hill – Gender and Myth

25 November 2015, ATRIUM – Theatre, 5pm

Sally Pomme Clayton – The White Bear King

Post-show discussion: Sally Pomme Clayton and Michael Carklin

3 February 2016, ATRIUM – Theatre, 5pm

Dominic Kelly – The Hero Light

Post-show discussion: Dominic Kelly and Dr Alice Entwistle

24 February 2016, ATRIUM – Cinema, 3.30pm

Prof. Florence Ayisi – Muslim Women, Soccer and Identity: Visualising Resistance to Cultural Norms in Zanzibar.

9 March 2016, Atlantic House – CA AH006, 4pm

Dr David Llewellyn – Stories of Change: Exploring energy and community in the past, present and future.

13 April 2016, ATRIUM – Theatre, 5pm

Simon Heywood and Shonaleigh – Out of Silence

Post-show discussion: Simon Heywood, Shonaleigh and Prof. Richard Hand.

29 October 2014, ATRIUM – Zen Room, 7pm

Mary Medlicott – Shemi Wâd

11 February 2015, ATRIUM – Zen Room, 5pm

Rhiannon Williams – Cwlwm Cenedl; straeon i uno Pontiets a’r Paith / The nations’ knot; stories to unite Pontiets and the Prairie

Chair: Dr Ruth McElroy

4 March 2015, ATRIUM – Zen Room, 5pm

Michael Harvey – Peredur Rides Again – staging Peredur/Perceval

Chair: Karen Lewis

25 March 2015 – Zen Room, 5pm 

Dr Emily Zobel Marshall – A Question of Origins? Brer Rabbit at the Cultural Crossroads

Chair: Prof Hamish Fyfe


Prof Jack Zipes – A Second Glance at Red Riding Hood’s Trials and Tribulations

Dr Nicole Matthews – Moving stories: digital storytelling and fictional drama in dementia awareness training


Dr Simon Heywood (University of Derby) The Last Drut’syla? A traditional Jewish storyteller in postwar Europe

The Well at the World’s End

AHRC Connected Communities Festival

  • Dr Nick Owen, MBE – Twittering for the chattering classes: trying to make performative sense from 140 characters of nonsense?
  • Anthony Nanson – The Well of the Saint and the Well of the Snake: Ecological Enchantment of a Local Landscape
  • Prof Hamish Fyfe – Telling Truths, Changing Minds
  • Symposium on Training Artists


Wales Culture Exchange Network

Prof Harold Thimbleby – Using Digital Stories in Research and Teaching

Tewkesbury Flood Stories


Prof Frances Rapport – Poetics of Memory: Understanding and Expressing Survivor Testimonial

Prof Patrick Ryan and Dr Jacqui Harrett – Creating Words: Creating Wellbeing

Dr Patrick Ryan – Life Giving Water From The Well Of The World’s End To The Ocean Of The Streams Of Story

George Ewart Evans Centre for Storytelling and Marylebone Cricket Club – Taking the Field


Emily Underwood-Lee – Patience

Wales Culture Exchange

Prof Do Coyle – Sustaining and Developing Island Communities: Extreme Measures for Extreme Communities


Michael Harvey – Staging the Story

Dr Frances Rapport – The Doctor’s Tale: Enacted Workspace and the Family Practitioner

Prue Waller – Ropemakers

Tom Pow – Where a Bird Sounds Like a Baby Crying – Among the Dying Villages of Europe

Prof Paul Watson – Social Inclusion Through the Digital Economy

Dr Danièle Klapproth – Telling Stories, Sharing Worlds? – Potential and Limitations of Narrative in Cross-Cultural Dialogue

Philip Gross, Hamish Fyfe, Dannie Abse, Sacha Abercorn – Creative Reading


Storytelling, Health and Social Care Conference

Dr Geoff Fox – 'There’s Game in the Wind!’ Tracking Red Riding Hood with the Old Watercress Woman and the Green Hunter

Prof Mike Pearson – Narrative and Landscape

Dr Patrick Ryan – Narrative Learning/Learning Narrative: Storytelling, Experiential Learning and Education

George Ewart Evans Centre for Storytelling and Glamorgan Cricket Club – Tale-Enders

Dr Jacqueline Harrett – Telling Tales and Written Words: the same or different?

Dr Patrick Ryan – Storytelling, Learning and Education


Jack Lynch – Shortening the Road

George Ewart Evans Centenary

Prof Joseph Sobol – The ETSU Cancer Stories Project

Dr Hande Birkalan Gedik – Silence, Suffering and Salvation: Intertextual Discourses and the Female Narrativity in A Turkish Folktale

Melvyn Bragg and Mathew Evans at the Hay Festival

Cardiff City FC Kick Into Reading Screening


George Ewart Evans Centre for Storytelling Research Seminars 2007 – Unheard Voices

Prof Hamish Fyfe Inaugural Professorial Lecture

Prof Mike Wilson – Passing Through the Chink In Snout’s Wall: Daniel Morden and The Devil’s Violin

Dr Pat Ryan – Storytelling at the Farmleigh Festival, Dublin

Prof Mike Wilson- keynote Lecture at Beyond the Border 2007


George Ewart Evans Centre for Storytelling Research Lectures 2006


Launch of George Ewart Evans Centre for Storytelling