Annual Storytelling Symposium and DS Digital Festival

The George Ewart Evans Centre for Storytelling hosts an annual symposium as well as a programme of research seminars.


Storytelling for Refuge/Storytelling as Refuge
Keynote: Patience Agbabi.


Storytelling and Place
Keynote: Dr Jamie Tehrani (Durham University).


Storytelling and Justice
Keynotes: Dr. Lina Dencik (Cardiff University) and Dr Marta Minier (University of South Wales).


Storytelling and Activism
Keynotes: Roger Hill, Natasha Freidus, Mark Dunford, provocations by Dr Geoff Fox, Jack Lynch, Bad Bonobo, David Solnit, Otherstory Puppetry Collective, The Institute for the Art and Practice of Dissent at Home, Philip Ralph and Fern Smith.


Storytelling and the Voice
keynote Prof Mike Wilson, provocations by Prof Frances Rapport, Dr Jenny Kidd, Lisa Heledd Jones, Dr Jenny Moon, Dr Jacqueline Harrett and Prof Chris Morris.


Storytelling in Children’s Literature
keynote Liz Weir, provocations by Donna Schatt , Dr Mick Gowar and Dr Lisa Sainsbury.

Keynotes: Mandy Rose – UWE, Darcy Alexandra, Yasmin Elayat -


Storytelling and Anniversaries
keynote Professor Sioned Davies, provocations by Dr Simon Heywood, Professor Kristin Wardetski and Professor Darryl Jones.

Keynotes: Annie Correal - Cowbird, Natasha Armstrong - Historypin, Joe Lambert, Center for Digital Storytelling


Storytelling and Translation
keynote Dr Joseph Winston, provocations by Dr Marta Minier, Arti Prashar and Prof Mike Wilson.


Storytelling and Science
provocations by Prof Hamish Fyfe, Dr Steve Killick and Mark Brake, performances by Dr Pat Ryan, Louie Jenkins and Emily Underwood-Lee.


Storytelling and Gender
keynote Prof Marina Warner, provocations Dr Peter Hughes Jachimiak, Zephyrine Barbarachild and Mary Medlicott.


Storytelling and Authenticity
keynote Prof Richard Bauman, provocations Prof Joseph Sobol, Dick Leith, and Neil Lanham, workshop Susie Pratt and Lisa Heledd.


Storytelling and the Globalised World
keynote Prof Jack Zipes, provocations by Shahrukh Hussain, Dr Donald Smith and Prof Mick Mangan.