Storytelling in Wales

Dates 2012 – ongoing

Funders n/a

The Storytelling in Wales group is convened by the George Ewart Evans Centre for Storytelling at the University of South Wales, and including representatives of Beyond The Border Storytelling Festival, Literature Wales, Voluntary Arts Wales, NIACE Dysgu Cymru, CyMAL: Museums Archives and Libraries Wales, Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales, and Cadw, along with independent storytellers.

The Storytelling in Wales project aims to understand the scope and diversity of Storytelling practice in Wales and to find ways that interested organisations and individuals can work together to promote best practice and develop the art form and the ways in which it can be of use to communities.

The storytelling in Wales group meets quarterly and members of the group work collaboratively on specific partnerships and projects.

Dissemination and impact
The Storytelling in Wales group presents projects and reports in variety of contexts, for example the Summer of Stories 2014 is a new initiative which will raise awareness of the importance of storytelling in many aspects of our lives and provide opportunities for people to immerse themselves in the living heritage of Welsh storytelling. It will feature an online platform with listings of storytelling events happening around Wales. John Griffiths, Minister for Culture and Sport, said:
“We have thousands of stories to tell in Wales, and this initiative is a great way to raise awareness and encourage people to engage in storytelling this summer.

“This also supports the Welsh Government’s literacy campaign, Make Time to Read, which aims to raise awareness of the benefits of reading with a child for just ten minutes a day. Storytelling is a great way to capture a child’s imagination and inspire a love of stories and reading from a young age.”

project specific – see for example the Still Spell Bound report and