Storytelling and Justice Symposium

13-14 May 2016, 12.30pm
ATRiuM, University of South Wales
Adam Street, Cardiff, CF24 2FN

The George Ewart Evans Centre for Storytelling Annual Symposium and DS10 Festival joined forces to present a two day symposium with a digital storytelling strand on the theme of ‘Storytelling and Justice’.

The George Ewart Evans Centre for Storytelling is delighted to present our tenth annual symposium, which includes two days of provocations and presentations on the theme of Storytelling and Justice. The first day focuses on storytelling in the digital realm and the second day looks at storytelling in context. We aim to inspire, encourage and showcase projects across a wide spectrum of storytelling practice and are thrilled to bring such an exciting range of speakers to the Centre to present lectures, provocations, performances, q and a sessions, film screenings and much more. Justice is an apt and timely theme given current debates surrounding the potential scrapping of the human rights act in the UK. It also enters into discussions on homelessness; rehabilitation; and, our theme last year, activism amongst others. Storytelling is vital in creating the narrative around the ‘real’ and digital worlds in order to highlight the social injustices within these realms. The way we tell our stories can be as diverse as the subjects within them, from oral traditions of storytelling to film documentary.

By thinking about the stories we tell about ourselves and about the world we live in we can focus on what may be just or unjust for all its inhabitants. Storytelling can highlight injustices from the past to help us to move closer to a more hopeful narrative for the future, which may include equality and equity for all.

Through the ‘Storytelling and Justice’ symposium we aim to create a space to debate this and much more.