Dr Steve Killick


Steve is Visiting Fellow at the George Ewart Evans Centre for Storytelling. Steve Killick works as Clinical Psychologist and as a Storyteller. He has a background in the NHS and in education and now works in independent practice. He is particularly interested in the uses of storytelling in education and psychological therapies. He has worked with Taffy Thomas, The First UK Storytelling Laureate, to develop ideas about how stories and storytelling can develop emotional literacy in schools and they are currently involved in a new project, ‘Home Truths’ looking at the value of family storytelling. He has also has been involved with the Fostering Network in several projects using storytelling. This works has included the ‘Men Who Care’ project and ‘Dylan’s Story’ which were involved in helping give voice to the experiences of male foster carers and birth children of foster carers respectively. He also has been involved in training foster carers in traditional storytelling skills as a way of helping foster carers develop attachment relationships and emotional literacy and resilience in foster children. He also has organised, with Alette Willis of the University of Edinburgh, and in association with GEECS, ‘The Well at the World’s End’ – a series of symposia about ‘storytelling, health and well-being’ which aims to promote discussion between researchers and practitioners in this area. In 2014, this was help in conjunction with The Beyond the Border International Storytelling Festival. In 2015 it is planned to be held in Edinburgh as part of The Scottish International Storytelling Festival.

Research and Training Experience

Steve is particularly interested in the use of metaphor and storytelling in psychotherapy and has run training for the Anna Freud Centre, the British Psychological Society as well as presenting at conferences. He developed the ‘Talen’ model as a rationale for using storytelling in education, therapy and with looked after children that examines the process of storytelling, content and information transmitted and received in stories, and the shared reflection between teller and listener as a developing social, emotional and cognitive skills.

Selected Publications

Foreword to Kim Golding’s book Using stories to build bridges with traumatized children. (2014, Jessica Kingsley Publishing)
Telling Tales:Storytelling as Emotional Literacy. With Taffy Thomas (2007 Eprint Pub.)
Emotional Literacy at the Heart of the School Ethos. (2006, Sage)
Giving Sorrow Words: Managing Bereavement in Schools. With Stuart Lindeman (1999, Sage/Lucky Duck)
Weaving words and emergent stories. In: Therapeutic Stories. With Jim Wilson, Eds: Bowen, B. & Robinson, G. (2000, Association of Family Therapy Publishing.)

Commissioned Publications
Dylan’s Story – What’s it like to be the son or daughter of a foster carer? With Maria Boffey (2013, The Fostering Network)
Building Relationships Through Storytelling:A Foster Carer’s Guide to Attachment and Stories. With Maria Boffey (2012, The Fostering Network)

Papers & Articles
The Language of Feelings- A Reading and Storytelling Group in an Adolescent Unit. With Steven Bowkett (in press) Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry.
A Play on Words – Helping foster carers build attachments and create meaning through storytelling – Child and Family Clinical Psychology Review (2014) 2, 45-52.
Family storytelling and the attachment relationship. With Neil Frude Psychodynamic Practice. (2011) 17, 4, 441-455.
The Teller, The Tale and The Told – A psychology of storytelling. With Neil Frude The Psychologist, (2009) 22,10,850-853.