Reducing Industrial Carbon Emission (RICE)



European Regional Development Fund

Research Team
Lead Investigator: Professor Joseph Sobol; Co-lead Investigator: Dr Emily Underwood-Lee

External Partners
Swansea University

For this project we are capturing stories from people working to change our industrial carbon emission technologies, within industry, policy, energy innovation and the wider community. These stories will be used not only to share and disseminate the findings of the RICE project, but also as a means of generating meaningful understanding of the dynamics of changing carbon emissions strategies and technologies in this specific time and place.

The RICE project is driven by a consortium of researchers and industrial partners in South and West Wales, funded by the European Regional Development Fund. It focuses on delivering transformational change through the translation of innovative processes to reduce Wales’ CO2 emissions and decrease Welsh Heavy Industry’s energy & raw material consumption. RICE will enable the creation of new business and lower the barrier to adoption, resulting in new business start-up enterprises, and leading to the successful translation of research and innovation processes into new and improved commercial products, processes and services.

The George Ewart Evans Centre for Storytelling has a proven track record in capturing and sharing the human story of social change in projects including ‘Stories of Change: the past, present and future of energy’, and ‘Communities 2.0’. This project builds on the Centre’s work in the field of storytelling for social change and environmental stewardship. For previous projects in this area see Stories of Changeand other past research projects.