Performance and the Maternal


2016 and ongoing

George Ewart Evans Centre for Storytelling / Creative Industries Research Institute / Theatre and Media Drama Research Unit / Edge Hill University / Institute for the Art and Practice of Dissent at Home

Research team
Investigators: Dr Lena Simic (Edge Hill University). Dr Emily Underwood-Lee (USW)

Everyone, in some way, has a relationship to the maternal. As Adrienne Rich famously asserted we are all “of woman born” (Rich, 1996). Bracha Ettinger notes that we all carry the maternal within us, regardless of whether we have chosen to become mothers or not, because we all carry the memory of being carried (Ettinger, 2006). Maternal studies as a discipline has been developing in recent years (cf Baraitser, 2009) and has been particularly influential within visual art (cf Betterton, 2014; Chernick and Klein 2011; Liss, 2009; Pollock, 1999;) and drama (cf Komporaly, 2007). Despite the relevance of the maternal it is an area that has broadly been overlooked in Performance Studies. This research project aims to investigate the following key questions:
• How can performance and the maternal cross subject barriers?
• What is unique about the representation of the maternal in performance?
• What can healthcare, education, welfare and other practitioners with an interest in the maternal and performance studies scholars and artists learn from one another?
• What work already exists in these areas?

• Three network meetings at the Institute for the Art and Practice of Dissent at Home, Edgehill University and the University of South Wales bringing together over 50 scholars and practitioners.
• Documentation of each meeting.
A Study Room guide on Live Art and Motherhood.
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