Long-Distance Parenting Project


George Ewart Evans Centre for Storytelling

Research team
Lead Investigator: Michael Carklin (FCI),

The pilot phase of a larger storytelling project focusing on parents who live at a distance from their children including: noncustodial mums and dads through divorce arrangements, business travellers, military staff, truckers, and refugees, amongst others.

This larger project aims to contribute to making a genuine impact through: * developing a digital storytelling project focusing on long-distance mums and dads; * creating an image theatre workshop programme to explore approaches to the problems and challenges of long-distance parenting; * devising and performing a theatre production based on the storytelling and image theatre workshops; * publishing research drawing on these processes to contribute to arts research and social policy; and * setting up a longer term support organisation, including a website that would include collected stories.

• The researching and implementing of a method to identify and engage appropriate participants, given that potential participants may be geographically spread and are not necessarily part of a pre-existing group.
• The facilitating of two story-circle sessions, one with each of the identified groups.
• The audio recording and editing of three individual stories from each group in collaboration with the relevant participants, i.e. a total of six stories.
• The sharing of these first stories.
• The development of a project plan beyond the pilot phase including: * the submission of a grant application, * the identification of, and contact with, potential collaborative partners, within and beyond USW, to develop the project further.
• The writing and presentation of a research paper.