GEECS seminar Series 2017 - Forgotten mobilities

Event Date March 8, 2017 4 p.m. – 5 p.m.

Location – ATRiuM, Zen Room (CA B403)

Forgotten mobilities: hidden (hoof)prints in the landscape, Dr Ceri Price

Our project seeks to uncover the stories of the hidden hoofprints inscribed upon Welsh ways through the now largely forgotten practice of droving. This carefully regulated anthrozoological entanglement transported beasts on the hoof from distant fields to London markets and, in doing so, this quotidian network not only left its mark upon the physical landscape, but it also enabled an early connection with the wider world at every scale – the global, the local and the individual – and provided a conduit for the transfer of knowledges and cultural changes, imprints of which endure today. Having discovered what little remains in the formal archive, we reflect on what we have uncovered and the direction we shall take from here.

Booking: This event is free but please register your attendance.

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