Moving stories: digital storytelling and fictional drama in dementia awareness training

Event Date December 4, 2013 4 p.m. – 5 p.m.

Location – Atrium

See the Powerpoint presentation that accompanied the seminar
Nicole Matthews (Macquarie University, Sydney) and Naomi Sunderland (Griffith University, Brisbane)

Telling stories that draw on the experiences of people with dementia can be a powerful way to educate and inform health and aged care workers.

Based on interviews with trainers and participant observation, this paper will consider the way video narratives – including digital storytelling and fictional drama – have been used in dementia awareness training. What are some of the ethical and pedagogical challenges of listening to and learning from the digital stories of people with dementia? How important are the distinctions between fictional narratives and life stories when it comes to training? What might characterize a “teachable” story – and are these the stories people with dementia want to tell?

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