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Selected Reports

Lewis, K., Pearce, S., Jones, L.H. (2014) My breasts, my cancer, my story. Report produced for Estee Lauder Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign October 2014.

Ryan, P. (2012) Canadian Adventures, a report on the Centre for Creative Writing and Oral Culture, Storytellers of Ireland.

Ryan, P. (2012) Still Spell-Bound: Story Times in Welsh Museums, Archives and Libraries, CyMAL, Llywodraeith Cymru/Welsh Government.

Saltus R & Folkes E (2011) ‘In their own words’ A qualitative study to capture what dignity means to people aged 50 years and older, and their experiences and expectations of care and support. Pontypridd: University of Glamorgan. ISBN 978-1-84054-248-6

Lewis, K and Boffey,M ed (2010) Men Who Care : Experiences and reflections from male foster carers, The Fostering Network, UK#

Ambang O and Saltus R (2010) The Joint Initiative Funding Scheme (2007-2009): A Review of the programme. Pontypridd: University of Glamorgan.

Kimani S and Saltus R (2010) A scoping study to map the research capacity of health social welfare voluntary organisations in Wales, with a focus on BME organisations and equalities agencies. Pontypridd: University of Glamorgan.

Fyfe, H. (2009) 'Arts and Public Engagement – Patterns, Processes and Levers for Change’ . Cardiff: Arts Council of Wales.

Fyfe, H. and Lewis, K. (2009) ‘A Public Voice: Access, Digital Story and Interactive Narrative’, in A Collaborative Journey: The BBC/AHRC Knowledge Exchange Pilot Programme. Cardiff: BBC.

Fyfe, H. Adamson, D. And Byrne, P. (2008) Hand in Hand: Arts Based Activities and Regeneration. Cardiff: Arts Council of Wales.

Fyfe, H. (2005) Changing Spaces Building Social Capital in Wales through Cross-Sector Creativity’. Cardiff: Welsh Assembly Government.

Selected Books

Entwistle, A. (forthcoming) Gwyneth Lewis. University of Wales Press

Underwood-Lee, E. (with Lena Simic) (2016) Live Art and Motherhood: A Study Room Guide on Live Art and the Maternal London. LADA: Live Art Development Agency.

Papagiannouli, C. (2016) Political Cyberformance: The Etheatre Project. Palgrave Macmillan.

Hand, R. J. (with A. Purssell) (2015) Adapting Graham Greene. Palgrave.

Hand, R.J. (2014) Listen in Terror: British Horror Radio from the Advent of Broadcasting to the Digital Age. Manchester University Press.

Hand, R. J. (2014) The Plays (Cambridge Edition of the Works of Joseph Conrad. Cambridge University Press.

Entwistle, A. (2014) In Her Own Voice: Women talking poetry and Wales. Seren.

Entwistle, A. (2013) Poetry, Geography, Gender: Contemporary Women Rewriting Wales University of Wales Press.

Hand, R.J. (2012) Octave Mirbeau: Two Plays. Intellect.

Hand, R. J. (with M. Traynor) (2012) Radio in Small Nations. University of Wales Press.

Hand, R.J. (with M. Traynor) (2011) The Radio Drama Handbook: Audio Drama in Practice and Context. Continuum.

Reid, F. (with S. Gemie and L. Humbert) (2011) Outcast Europe, 1936-1948: Refugee Experiences in an Era of Total War. Hambledon Continuum.

Reid, F. (2010) Broken Men: Shell Shock, Treatment and Recovery in Britain 1914-30. Hambeldon Continuum [Paperback version, 2011].

Reid, F. (with K. Holden) (eds.) (2010) Women on the Move: Refugees, Migration and Exile. Cambridge Scholars.

Hand, R.J. (2009) Conrad’s Victory: The Play and Reviews (Conrad Studies Series). Rodopi.

Hand, R.J. (with K. Baxter) (2009) Joseph Conrad and the Performing Arts. Ashgate.

Atkins, B. and Krzywinska, T (co-eds) (2007) Videogame, Player, Text. Manchester: Manchester University Press,.

Hand, R.J. (with M. Wilson) (2007) London’s Grand-Guignol and the Theatre of Horror. University of Exeter Press. [Nominated for Society for Theatre Research Book Award 2007]

Hand, R.J. (with J. McRoay) (2007) Monstrous Adaptations: Generic and Thematic Transmutations in Horror Film. Manchester University Press.

Hand, R.J. (2006) Terror on the Air: Horror Radio in America, 1931-52. McFarland.

Hand, R.J. (2005) The Theatre of Joseph Conrad: Reconstructed Fictions. Palgrave.

Wilson, M. (2005) Storytelling and Theatre: Contemporary Professional Storytellers and their Art. Basingsoke: Palgrave.

Entwistle, A. (with Jane Dowson) (2005) A History of British Women’s Poetry. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 0-521-81946-6.

Fyfe, H. (2003) ‘She Danced and We Danced’: Artists, Creativity and Education. Belfast: The Stranmillis Press.

Ryan, P. (2002) Shakespeare’s Storybook, Folk Tales that Inspired the Bard, illustrated by James Mayhew. Bath and Boston: Barefoot Books [awarded an Aesop Accolade by American Folklore Society 2001).

Selected Book Chapters

Ayisi, F. (forthcoming) 'Making Waves on International Women’s Day: Cameroonian Women’s Dynamism’ in Home/Land: Women Citizenship, Photographies Marsha Meskimmon and Marion Arnold (eds) Liverpool University Press

Hand, R.J. (forthcoming) “Disruptive Corpses: Tales of the Living Dead in Horror Comics of the 1950s and Beyond” in D. Fischer-Hornung, T. Fox and M. Mueller (eds.) Vampires and Zombies: Transnational Transformation. Ohio University Press.

Underwood-Lee, E. (2017) 'Titillation’ in Bleakley, A., Lynch, L. and Whelan, G. (eds) Risk and Regulation at the Interface of Medicine and the Arts Cambridge Scholars.

Saltus R and Williams C (2015). ‘Extending the parameters of Social Policy Research for a Multicultural Wales’ in Williams, C, Evans, N and O’leary, P (Eds) A Tolerant Nation? Revisiting Ethnic Diversity in a Devolved Wales. Cardiff: University of Wales Press.

Killick, S (2014) 'Foreword’ in Golding, K. Using stories to build bridges with traumatized children. Jessica Kingsley Publishing.

Killick, S. (2014) ‘A Way of Life’ and ‘The Harvey Jones Unit’ in Eds. Carradice, P. & Goffin,B. Behind Many Doors-Writing from Whitchurch Hospital. Accent Press.

Entwistle, A. (2013) ‘Writing [W]here: Women, Poetry and Cultural Positioning in Post-Millennial Ireland and Wales’. The Oxford Handbook of Contemporary British and Irish Poetry. Ed. Peter Robinson. Oxford University Press.

Entwistle, A. (2013) ‘Taking Place: Deixis, collaboration and the gender politics of the aesthetic’. Placing Poetry. Ed Ian Davidson and Zoe Skoulding. Rodopi.

Ayisi, F. (2013) '‘How We Live Today…’ Florence Ayisi in dialogue with Mo White –
In Women, the Arts and Globalization: Eccentric Experience’ in Rethinking Art’s Histories Marsha Meskimmon and Dorothy C. Rowe. (eds) (ISBN: 978-719-0-8875-9)

Fyfe, H (2013) ‘Digital Story and the New Creativity’ in Digital World – Connectivity, Creativity and Rights, Youngs, G (ed), Abingdon: Routledge.

Fyfe, H. and Wilson, M. (2014) ‘A Public Voice: Access, Digital Story and Interactive Narrative’ in Content Cultures: Transformations of User Generated Content in Public Service Broadcasting, Simon Popple and Helen Thornham (eds.), London: IBTaurus , pp. 113-130.

Hand, R.J. (2012) “Grisly Skeletons and Happy Endings: The Adaptation of Joseph Conrad’s Fiction” in P. Nicklas and O. Lindner (eds.) Adaptation and Cultural Appropriation: Literature, Film, and the Arts. Walter de Gruyter & Co.

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Fyfe, H. (2005) ‘The New Focus on Creativity in Culture and Development Policies’ in Fisher, R. (ed) Developing New Instruments to Meet Cultural Policy Challenges, Bangkok: Chulalongkorn University Press.

Selected Journal Articles

Underwood-Lee, E (with Simic, L.) (2016) “Performance and the Maternal” Contemporary Theatre Review 26:3.

Saltus R and Pithara C (2015) ‘“Care from the heart”: older minoritised women’s perceptions of dignity in care’. International Journal of Migration, Health and Social Care 11:1 , 57-70

Underwood-Lee, E. (2015) 'Bangers to Cancer: Social media, charity fundraising and objectification’, Body Space Technology Journal

Killick, S & Bowkett, S (2015) 'The Language of Feelings- A Reading and Storytelling Group in an Adolescent Unit.’ Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 20(4), 585-590.

Killick, S (2015) 'Telling Tales in CBT.’ CBT Today, 43(1), 10-11.

Saltus R and Pithara C (2014). A sense of dignity in later life: a qualitative study on the views of older women migrants from minoritised backgrounds. Quality in Ageing and Older Adults, 15 (1), 1 – 13.

Jones H, Bhattacharyya G, Forkert K, Davies W, Dhaliwal S, Gunaratnam Y, Jackson E and Saltus R (2014) “Swamped” by Anti-immigrant communications. Discover Society, Issue 8. London: Social Research Publications.

Saltus R & Pithara C (2014) A sense of dignity in later life: a qualitative study on the views of older women migrants from minoritised backgrounds. Quality in Ageing and Older Adults, 15 (1), 1 – 13.

F. Ayisi, C. Brylla. (2014) 'See Me, Know Me: Cultural Expressions of Cameroonian Women. Stimulus Respond – Africa.’ ISSUU. Jack Boulton. No. 25. Autumn 2014.

Saltus, R. and Pithara, C. (2014) 'A sense of dignity in later life: a qualitative study on the views of older women migrants from minoritised backgrounds’. Quality in Ageing and Older Adults, 15 (1), 1 – 13.

Killick, S. (2014) 'Just what is CBT with Children and Families?’ CBT Today, 42(2), 18-19.

Killick, S. (2014) 'A Play on Words – Helping foster carers build attachments and create meaning through storytelling’ Child and Family Clinical Psychology Review, 2, pp.45-52.

Ayisi, F. & Brylla, C. (2013). ‘The Politics of Representation and Audience Reception: Alternative Visions of Africa’. Research in African Literatures (E-ISSN:1527-2044).

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Saltus R (2006) ‘Improving the quality of access to mental health information and care: the views of health practitioners and social work professionals in Wales. Diversity in Health and Social Care, 3 (3), 183 – 189.

Selected Conference Presentations

Llewellyn, D.H., Rohse, M., Day, R.J. and Lewis, K. (2015) 'Energy Landscapes: Perception, Planning, Participation, Power’, Energy Landscapes: European Conference of the Landscape Research Group, Dresden Germany, September.

Llewellyn, D.H., Griffiths, G. and Lewis, K. (2015), 'Erasing the raison d’être: Resculpting and reconciling landscape and memory in the south Wales valleys’ The Past in its Place conference, Buckfast Abbey, April.

Llewellyn, D.H., Morgan K.J., Smith, A.M. and Lewis, K. (2015) 'Rural-urban disconnection in the south Wales valleys: implications for sustainable revitalisation?’, Re-imagining Rurality conference, University of Westminster, February.

Lewis, K. (2014) 'From broadcast to boardroom: digital storytelling as a tool for change’. Invited keynote speaker at symposium Digital Storytelling and Social Inclusion, Nagoya University, Japan, November 2014 . In Studies in Media and Society, Graduate School of Languages and Cultures, Nagoya Univ., Japan, Vol.7. 2015, pp.85-93.

Lewis, K. (2014) 'Bringing new voices into the environmental change arena: the potential of digital storytelling to engage public and policy makers’. Paper presented at the Digital Storytelling in Times of Crisis conference, University of Athens, May. (Published proceedings forthcoming)

Lewis, K (2013) 'Living through story: fresh voices in the climate change conversation’. Invited speaker at the “Moving beyond the Threat: European – American conference (PDF)”:, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia , USA, 30th – 31st October.

Lewis, K (2013) 'Write with Us: the therapeutic benefits of writing for people living with cancer’. Invited to present at Tenovus’ Research Conference, Cardiff, October 2013.

Wilson, M. and Lewis, K. (2013): 'Discussing the Weather: Digital Stories, Communities and the Climate Change Conversation’ paper for People and the Planet conference, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia, 2–4 July.

Creative Outputs

Ayisi, F. Transforming Lives: PNDP and Rural Development in Cameroon (2014,35 mins)

Morris, C. (2014) Mametz? (National Theatre Wales) Co-creator & Creative Associate. A major site-specific theatre production, produced by National Theatre Wales & funded by Heritage Lottery/14-18 NOW Art Commissions. Devised, researched & developed with writer Owen Sheers.

Morris, C. (2013/4) Fog Of Sex (Newport Film School 1×60) Producer/director.

Ayisi, F. October 2013 Visions of African Traditions
Photographic exhibition entitled Visions of African Traditions – as part of a 3-day international conference in Yaoundé, Cameroon – Journées de Communication, organised by the International Centre for Research and Documentation on African Traditions and Languages_, (_CERDOTOLA). The photographs printed onto A1 (841 × 594 mm) boards; 18 of the photographs are now permanently displayed at the CERDOTOLA Head Quarters and an annex office in the capital city of Yaoundé.

Morris, C. (2012) Loserville (Newport Film School 1×30) Executive Producer. Winner – Celtic Media Festival (Best Short Drama) 2012.

Morris, C. (2012) The Steelmen Stories (London 2012 Cultural Olympiad/Adain Avion. 5×3 min docu-poetry films).

Ayisi, F. Handing Down Time – Cameroon (2012, 55 mins)

Ayisi, F. Cameroonian Women in Motion (2012, 10 mins)

Ayisi, F. Art of this Place: Women Artists in Cameroon (2011, 40 mins)

Morris, C. (2010) Children of the Road (BBC/Indus Films – 1×30mins)

Morris, C. 2009 Children of God (BBC World Service Radio – 1×30mins) Winner – Best Current Affairs Programme – Global Media Excellence Awards 2009. (The Association for International Broadcasting).

Morris, C. (2008 & 2010) Jukebox Juniors & Tough Kids (BBC/Indus Films 2×30mins)

Ayisi, F. Zanzibar Soccer Queens (2007/2008, 87 & 52 mins)

Ayisi, F. Our World in Zanzibar (2007, 35 mins)

Morris, C. (2006) An American in Aberfan (BBC Wales – 1×60mins).

Ayisi, F. My Mother: Isange (2005, 7 minutes)

Ayisi, F. Sisters in Law (Florence Ayisi & Kim Longinotto, 2005, 104 mins)